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Organizing for the New Year

The New Year provides an opportunity to improve your career, finances, and life. Get started by doing a year-end assessment and then create goals for the New Year. Consider taking action to automate tasks, balance work/life, control budgets, de-clutter desktops, and manage time. Below are links to resources to help you get organized for the New Year. Apps -  Calendaring , Note Taking ,  Project Management , and To Do Lists Articles -   Cutting Resolutions to Size ,  Finding Joy ,  Getting More Done , Goal Setting ,  Organizing Your Life , Personal Development Plans ,  Resolutions for Lawyers ,  Volunteering ,  Year-End Planning ,  and Strategizing Checklists  - Sample checklists for  Companies ,  Individuals ,  New Year , and  Personal Finance   Goals - Sample goals for  Business ,  Career , Home ,  Investing ,  Life ,  and  Organizing Podcasts - NPR podcasts to improve your Career  and Life   

Avoiding Scammers

Scammers are adept at using email, phone calls, and texting to commit fraud. They use psychology to make us think that their messages come from a legitimate source like a bank or merchant. Their fraudulent messages often include a malicious link to trick us into disclosing passwords or other sensitive information on our devices. To avoid being scammed, don't answer when contacted by unknown callers and don't click links or download attachments from unknown senders. Learn more from articles about  avoiding scammers , blocking phishers , lawyers getting scammed , and  reporting scammers to regulators . For additional help, use  checklists  and read books about  protecting yourself , your computer , and your firm . 

Exercising at Work

Desk jobs can be hazardous to the health of office workers. Stay healthy by getting up every hour for a walk. Exercise daily for at least 30 minutes by aerobics bicycling, jogging, walking. Make exercise at your desk part of your daily rituals like squeezes, stretches, and physical activities, Learn more by reading about  deskercise , fitness apps ,  health tips , and  staying healthy . Workout with videos for aerobics and strengthening  and indoor walking .