What to Do When Hacked

Below is a list of things to consider if your email or computer have been hacked. To avoid being hacked, read how to protect yourself online .  If you suspect you've been hacked, read articles about signs you’ve been hacked ,  action to take when hacked , and steps when your computer has been hijacked .  Checklist 1. Use a password manager to change your password 2. Consider changing your email address 3. Consider changing to another email provider  4. Alert your contacts to the hack 5. Vaporize your e-mail account if it was hacked 6. Check your financial accounts for unauthorized transactions 7. Protect your computer by scheduling continuous antivirus checks 8. Protect your data by encrypting your hard drive and using online backup 9. Protect your router by personalizing the username and password 10. Continuously install updates and security patches when received

Strategies For Inflationary Times

Below are tips for surviving Pandemic induced inflation. Economists predict that the inflation will continue through 2023 due to labor shortages, supply chain disruptions, and a diminished supply of goods and services. Get more information by reading articles about the long-term outlook for inflation and  adjusting your life to inflation .  Tips Curb meal costs by dining at home Use apps to find lowest prices Delay purchase of cars and luxury items Substitute lower cost items when selecting goods Continue saving about 10 to 15% of income for retirement Maintain stock investments and consider inflation protected Series I Savings Bonds

Preventing Pandemic Burnout

 Below are some tips for avoiding pandemic fatigue. For additional tips, read articles about avoiding Pandemic problems ,   preventing COVID fatigue  and recognizing burnout symptoms .  Tips Breaks - walk to a different room or around the block at least every two hours every Excursion - talk a stroll in a park or drive to the countryside every week Exercise - schedule exercise sessions at least 3 times each week Health - consult a doctor or therapist f or help managing fatigue and mental health  News - limit daily news reading a newspaper or watching the nightly national news  Sleep - get at least 7 hours of sleep every night Stress - manage stress levels by practicing mindfulness and yoga Well-Being - schedule daily calls or visits with close family and friends

What to Expect From Winter Wave of Covid

Some experts expect this winter's Covid surge will be moderate compared to last year. The reason is rising vaccination rates for adults and the start of immunizations for kids. See your doctor if you experience symptoms or have been exposed to others with the virus. Stay safe by getting  a booster, continuing to mask indoors, and avoiding large gatherings. Also, get your flu shot ASAP so it won't interfere with getting a COVID booster. Read articles about what to expect from COVID this Winter , the urgency of getting vaccinated for the seasonal flu , and fighting the pandemic blues.  

Avoiding Breakthrough Infections

It is possible to have a breakthrough COVID-19 infection even if you're fully vaccinated. The symptoms usually last 2 weeks and are less likely to result in hospitalization or death. Those with breakthrough can infect others so consider getting tested if concerned. Stay at home and contact your doctor if you test positive.   Avoid breakthrough infections by getting a booster, wearing a mask, keeping socially distant, staying away from large gatherings, and abstaining from non-essential travel. For more information about breakthrough infections, visit the WebMD website and see the NPR article about Will Stone's breakthrough case.

Persuading Family/Friends to Get Vaccinated

Although the majority of Americans have been vaccinated, many remain reluctant due to fear, politics, and procrastination.  Encourage unvaccinated family members and friends to get vaccinated. Otherwise, they risk serious illness, hospitalization and death. Use friendly persuasion and mention the talking points listed below. For more help, read articles about the  benefits of getting vaccinated ,  convincing the unvaccinated ,  Covid FAQ's , and  understanding anti-vaxers ,   Talking Points Danger - remind them  that they are at risk of getting and spreading Covid Doctor  - suggest that they talk to their doctor (vaccines are becoming available from doctors) Effectiveness   - note that vaccinated individuals avoid serious illness, hospitalization, and death Experience - mention your personal experience getting vaccinated (effects, procedure, timing) Listening - allow them to explain their reason for avoiding vaccination Models - use role models like popular entertainers and respe

Using a Lawyer for Annual Checkups

Avoid problems by periodically checking your legal health with the help of a lawyer. Areas to consider include contracts, consumer rights, estate planning, insurance coverage, retirement planning and wills. Annual legal legal checkups can avoid costly legal problems and resolve disputes without litigation. See below for links to articles, books, checklists, directories, and websites.   Articles Avoiding Legal Problems Finding a Lawyer Solving Family Feuds Keeping Your Side Gig Legal    Using a Lawyer for Your Business . Books ABA Guide to Consumer Law Checklists Business Law Consumer Law Directories Bar Associations Findlaw Justia Nolo Websites Consumer Law (ABA) Business Law (Justia)