Benefiting From Podcasts

The majority of Americans listen to podcasts. Most listen to podcasts for education, news, and entertainment. Many listen while exercising, commuting, and walking. Podcasts can be played using apps on computers, smartphones, tablets and smart speakers. Below are links to articles with tips for finding and listening to podcasts. Articles Beginners Guide to Podcasts Benefits of Listening to Podcasts Choosing Smart Speakers Finding Podcasts Selecting an App Using Smart Speakers Apps Apple Podcasts Downcast Pocket Casts Spotify YouTube Music Devices Android Phones Earbuds iPhones and iPads Computers Speakers Amazon Bose Google Sonos Reviews ABA Atlantic Clio New Yorker Pew Reader's Digest Time

Insuring Healthcare After Retirement

Below are tips for insuring your health and resources with additional information.  At the time of retirement, married couples spend about $1,000/month for health insurance. During retirement years, the cost of insuring healthcare increases due to aging and inflation. Plan now to financially secure your healthcare after retirement. Tips Budgeting During your 20’s, start saving for post-retirement healthcare and other costs of living. Open a Health Savings Account and an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) to save tax-free. It’s never too late to start saving or increase your savings rate. Motivate yourself with rewards for reaching milestones. Dental, Hearing, and Vision Medicare doesn’t provide coverage for routine dental, hearing, or vision care, except for limited coverage available to participants in Medicare Advantage plans. Consider purchasing insurance to cover these expenses and asking healthcare providers for discounts available to retired patients. Drugs Unless enrolled in a

Staying Healthy During Winter

Every Winter millions of Americans are infected with colds, Covid, and flu.  Although caused by different viruses, they share common symptoms  like aches, chills, fevers, runny noses, and sore throats. Below are tips for staying healthy this Winter and resources for implementing them.  Tips Diet – eat fruits, vegetables, and proteins to boost your immune system. Sleep - get 7 to 8 hours/night of sleep every night. Vaccinations - stay vaccinated against the flu and Coronavirus. Vitamins – take a multiple vitamin every day. Work – remind family and friends to stay home when sick.   Articles Living Healthier in Winter Preventing Colds and Flu Why Colds And Flu Viruses Are More Common In Winter When to See a Doctor for a Cold or Flu Books The Good Doctor’s Guide to Colds and Flu Websites Cleveland Clinic Johns Hopkins

Hosting a Dinner Party

Reduce the stress of hosting a dinner party by ordering the meal from a local grocery store or restaurant. Another alternative is to assign responsibility so guests bring the food. Avoid problems by using a checklist and ordering food several weeks in advance. Take time during the meal to encourage guests to talk about themselves. See below for resources to help dinner party.   Articles Putting "Thanks" and "Giving" Back in Thanksgiving Takeout Options from Restaurants and Grocery Stores Guide to Hosting for the First Time   Books Family Dinner Playbook Hosting a Dinner Party Mastering Thanksgiving   Checklists Thanksgiving Planning Checklist

Getting Politically Active

Political activity enables us to discharge our civic duty and advance causes they support. Below are tips for staying politically active and resources for implementing them.     Tips   Encourage Others  - rally family and friends to vote. Influence Outcomes  - influence outcomes by voting for candidates that support your causes.  Investigate Candidates  - research voting records of candidates and their truthfulness. Participate  - consider volunteering to help candidates to win election.  Register  - confirm your voter registration and calendar for renewal. Stay Informed  - read local and national publications to determine candidate positions.  Vote Early  - avoid long lines by voting early or balloting by mail.   Articles Kelsey Alpaio,   How to Respond When Someone Says I'm Not Voting , Harvard Business Review, Oct. 28, 2020. Dena Bunis,   Six Ways to Check Out a Candidate , AARP, Apr. 30, 2018. Kayleigh Lickliter,  How To Look Up A Politician’s Voting Record And Job Performance