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Aging Well

About 1% of Americans live to be centenarians. You can increase your longevity by avoiding health issues that come with age. Below are health conditions organized by decade, tips for preventing them, and resources for healthy aging. Stages of Life 20's Cancer is unlikely in the 20’s, but other health challenges can occur like infertility, muscle atrophy, sexually transmitted diseases, and weight gain. Protect skin with sunscreen and avoid over exposure to sunlight. Follow best practices for hygiene and nutrition. Maintain well-being with exercise and social activity throughout life. Get medical checkups every few years. 30's Slowing metabolism makes weight control more difficult in the 30’s. Hair may start receding, thinning, or turning gray. Skin cells won't form as quickly as in earlier years. Start using moisturizers and watch for unusual skin growths. Consider coloring to camouflage gray hair. Prioritize well-being with a nutritious diet, exercise schedule, and fitness

Advancing Careers

Lawyers can advance their careers by going back to school anytime during their career. Options include continuing education seminars, non-degree courses, and post-graduate degree programs. Post-JD education can keep you current with changes in the law and sharpen your skills. Below are tips for continuing you education and resources for implementing them.     Tips Benefits  - use educational programs to add specialties, change careers, improve skills, and expand social networks. Costs   - consider free and low-cost programs offered by online providers and community colleges. Disciplines  - options include practice management, law office technology, and legal specialties like environmental, estate planning, international, maritime, and tax law. Providers   - search programs offered by bar associations, CLE organizations, online providers, and universities. Style   - select the learning style that suits your needs (e.g. in-person, online, and podcasts). Teaching   - give back to the prof