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Eliminating Distractions

Distractions can cause anxiety, damage relationships, and diminish productivity.  Causes include including overloaded schedules, cluttered desktops, overflowing inboxes, and unending alerts.  Solutions include using organizational tools, limiting time on digital devices, and terminating subscriptions. For additional tips, read articles about digital distractions , emotional distractions , mental health , and staying sane . For comprehensive guides, see book about Breaking Up With Your Phone ,   Doing More in Less Time and Guide to Wellness .  

Avoiding Pain and Fatigue

Be mindful of ergonomics when working long hours at a desk. Proper use of ergonomics can help you avoid back pain and fatigue. Start by positioning your arms so that they are bent at a 90 degree angle. Adjust the height of your monitor so that your eyes are level with the top of it.  Keep your feet flat on the floor in front of you.  Use a desk chair that keeps your arms close to your body.  Position your monitor that it's not in direct sunlight.    Use a headset or  earphones for better audio. C onsider using a standup desk or getting up for frequent walks. For more information, read the articles about law office ergonomics , relieving muscle pain , and staying pain free . Also visit OSHA's Ergonomics website for additional articles.

Keeping Kids Learning

Help your children succeed at remote learning by nurturing their education and providing an inviting learning environment. Use whiteboards to remind them about class schedules and partitions to separate them from distractions. Hire a tutor to boost their confidence and improve their skills in language arts and math. For more tips and implementation strategies, read  articles about Creating Study Spaces , Hiring Tutors ,  Home Schooling , Monitoring Screen Time , and   Working When Kids are Home .   Also see the CDC's Checklist for Successful Home Learning  and Lifehacker's List of Learning Websites . 

Organizing Your Office

Organize for comfort and efficiency whether working in an office or remotely from home.  Organizational strategies include color coding files, creating stations for mail and printers, optimizing wall space, and using containers. For ideas and implementation tips, read HGTV's article about Hacks for Organizing Your Office  and CAP's book about The Organized Lawyer .