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Avoiding Theft

Package theft is a common issue that increases during the holiday shopping season. Avoid problems by taking the following steps recommended by the Police Department of Howard County, Maryland. And see the articles listed below for additional safety safety and security tips. Action Plan • Install Camera -  Install a doorbell camera. • Track Shipments  - Track shipments and try to be home when they are scheduled to arrive. • Ask a neighbor to get packages and newspapers if you're away from home.  • Request delivery services to leave packages out of sight at a side or back door that can’t be seen from the sidewalk. • Office Delivery -  Ask your employer if you can have the shipment delivered to your workplace. • Report Problems  - As always, report suspicious activity in your neighborhood by calling 911 or the Police Department phone number for non-emergency matters.  Articles Safety Tips Security Guidelines Personal Safety Tips Protecting Yourself When Traveling Books Guide to Home S

Staying Organized At Work

  Getting organized can you be more productive and assure that tasks are completed on time.  Below is a list of tips to keep you organized at work. For additional help, see the articles, books, suppliers listed beneath the tips.  Tips Accountability - regularly check your progress and determine areas to improve. Calendar - use a calendar app or appointment book to record meeting and due dates Calls - use voicemail to screen calls. Delegate - assign tasks to others when your level of expertise is not required. Distractions - limit distractions, disable notifications and de-clutter workspaces. Mail - sort mail on a daily basis into categories and mark time sensitive ones. Goals - set goals and balance priorities. Lists - create to do lists of tasks needed to complete progress. Whiteboard - use a white board to keep notes on daily activities. Track - track progress by keeping a journal of daily accomplishments. Ar