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Working Hybrid

A majority of employers will switch to hybrid work schedules this year. The pivot to hybrid requires rethinking work habits to avoid stress, be productive, and benefit from time in the office. Below are tips and resources for making hybrid work better Adjust - allow time for moving between meetings and networking with co-workers; try new ways of getting work done. Attitude - keep a positive attitude and focus on good things that can happen in the workplace.   Budget - allow additional time in your schedule for commuting to work, packing lunches, and unexpected problems. Breaks - take occasional breaks to get up from your desk and practice mindfulness. Chores  - calendar household chores  for days when you don't need to be in the office.  Collaborate  - make appointments for face-to-face meetings to facilitate collaboration; allow time for break periods between meetings Exercise - walk around the office and schedule walking meetings with co-workers. Socialize  - get soci

Avoiding Travel Problems

Despite continuing Covid-19 cases, travel retains its allure to relax, recharge, and reconnect. Although the Covid-19 situation has improved, health, safety, and travel issues can cause problems. Below are tips and resources to reduce risks while traveling.   Tips Assessment . Consider destinations with lowest risk of travel disruptions. Backup . Be prepared to adjust travel plans due to health issues, quarantines, and travel disruptions. Make backup reservations and purchase travel insurance. Allow extra time and money in your budget for travel problems. Cruising . Delay cruises if you have underlying health conditions like cancer, cardiac issues, or pulmonary disease. Destination . Use domestic travel by car to avoid air traffic delays and congestion. Visit less popular National Parks to stay away from crowds and reduce health risk. Hygiene . Avoid destinations with outbreaks and focus on outdoor activities. Stay safer by getting boosters, keeping social distance, using sanitizers,