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Apologizing Effectively

Below are steps for making an apology from the book Sorry, Sorry, Sorry by Marjorie Ingall and Susan McCarthy.  Apology can help offenders build relationships, seek forgiveness and relieve stress.  For more tips, see articles and books listed below.   Tips 1. Say I'm sorry 2. Say what you're sorry for 3. Acknowledge why what you did was bad 4. Make no excuses 5. Promise not to do it again 6. Offer to make things right Articles Art of Apologizing   How to Apologize   Letting Go of Grudges and Bitterness Guide to Apologies Meaningful Apologies Rules for Apologizing Solving   Relationship Conflicts Books The Art of Apology and Forgiveness Communicating at Home and the Office

Managing Careers

Below are tips from an Carol Hymowitz about managing careers.  Hyman notes that the traditional 40-year career is being extended. Follow Hymowitz tips to lead a rewarding career.  Click here  to read the complete article. CAREER TIPS FROM HYMOWITZ 1.   Expect a career that resembles a jungle gym rather than a ladder 2.   Lifelong learning, including breaks to return to school, will be essential 3.   Seek flexibility to have a better work/life balance 4.   Learn strategies for restarting a career after a break 5.   Build an intergenerational network 6.   Explore new paths even when you're enjoying your current career