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Masking Strategies

Below are AARP's recommendations for masking by vaccinated and unvaccinated. For more information, read  ARP's comprehensive article about living well during and after the Pandemic .  Also see NJ's Tips on Where to Buy Masks , WSJ’s FAQ’s About Masking , and AARP's Mask Rankings  and  Covid Portal .   Covid variants can elevate the risk of infection so be careful to protect yourself, your family, and your friends. ​​ When Vaccinated Should Mask When gathering indoors with others who have tested positive or not been vaccinated  When indoors with the general public. When entering areas where mask mandates are in place When you feel unsafe When Unvaccinated Should Mask When indoors in public (especially in hospitals and nursing homes) When outdoors in crowds When entering areas where mask mandates are in place​​. When you feel unsafe

Avoiding Corona Confusion

Below are tips for staying safe and sane amid changing directives, conflicting messages, and surging cases.  Covid has caused an  epidemic of confusion  that can be overcome by staying safe  and keeping calm .  Staying Safe and Calm Contacts - limit to small groups of familiar contacts Masking  - Wear KN 95 masks while in public areas News - Avoid polarizing news reports  Sanitizing - Use hand sanitizer after touching surfaces in public areas Shots - Get vaccinated and stay boosted to protect yourself and others Testing - test if needed for employment, travel, or immune compromised Travel - limit non-essential travel and focus on outdoor activities

Organizing Closets and Desks

Below are tips from for organizing desks, closets, and pantries.  Organizing facilitates quick and easy access to your things. Get helpful tools from the Container Store and Target and Uline . Get more tips by reading articles about organizing pantries and de-cluttering homes .   Tips for Organizing a Pantry Sort, toss and Donate Fill shelves back to front Group items of like kind  Use reusable containers Create in-cabinet solutions