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Protecting Brain Health

Brain disease can develop long before symptoms are detected. Fortunately, lifestyle changes can reduce the risk of dementia and slow deterioration. Although genetic causes are outside of your control, you can help your brain by adopting a healthy lifestyle. Following are recommendations and resources to help you promote brain health: Daily exercise - Staying fit can prevent some types of dementia and slow the progression of others. Develop an exercise routine like taking a daily walk or enrolling in weekly fitness classes. Social Engagement - Stay connected with family and friends to promote brain health and emotional well-being. Participate in social activities by joining a social club, playing team sports, or walking with friends. Healthy Diet - Adopt a Mediterranean diet by eating beans, berries, chicken, fish, grains, nuts, and vegetables.   Avoid sugar and junk food. Sleep Habits - Sleep is essential for physical and mental health. Avoid sleep deprivation by forcing you