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Managerial Audits

Periodic self-assessments help lawyers evaluate their practices and procedures to assure effectiveness. Solo lawyers and firms of all sizes can use managerial assessments to implement best practices in the office and the courtroom. Click here to learn more about assessments and resources for conducting one at your firm.

Organizing Your Home

Decluttering your home can improve its appearance and make your life easier.  Click here for an article with 10 tips for organizing your home.

Organizing Your Life

You can be more effective at work and at home by adopting habits to keep organized. Even a disorganized person can learn how to be organized by planning, keeping a to-do list, and de-cluttering. Click here to learn how to change your habits and get organized to lead a better life. 

Organizing Your Work

Organizing your office will make you more productive and reduce stress. An organized office also exudes confidence and professionalism. You can organize your office in about an hour by following a few simple tips. Click here to learn how to organize your office.