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Legal Checkups

A regular checkup of legal health can be just as important as your physical and dental examinations. Legal checkups remind you of your rights and duties, detect problems, and can result in your taking action before trouble starts. Click here for an article that provides tips and resources for conducting checkups for individuals, businesses, and non-profit organizations.

Marketing Plans

A marketing plan provides a timetable for using marketing tactics like networking, publishing, and public speaking. Click here for a year-by-year plan for marketing professional services prepared by Larry Bodine, a marketing expert.

Setting Up Your Office

An organized workplace can improve your productivity whether you work in an office or at home.  Click here for an article with tips for staying comfortable and productive in your office.  

Handwriting Notes

Taking notes with digital devices is a great way to stay organized, but sometimes pen and paper are better. Writing on paper allows ideas to flow free with words, sketches, and diagrams.  Consider using pen and paper to take notes during depositions, lectures, or meetings. Click here for an article about handwritten notes by Stephen Moore, co-founder of Roots Furniture.  .