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Persuading Family/Friends to Get Vaccinated

Although the majority of Americans have been vaccinated, many remain reluctant due to fear, politics, and procrastination.  Encourage unvaccinated family members and friends to get vaccinated. Otherwise, they risk serious illness, hospitalization and death. Use friendly persuasion and mention the talking points listed below. For more help, read articles about the  benefits of getting vaccinated , changing minds ,  convincing the unvaccinated ,  Covid FAQ's , messaging strategies , and  talking to vaccine hesitant people , and  understanding anti-vaxers ,   Talking Points Danger - remind them  that they are at risk of getting and spreading Covid Doctor  - suggest that they talk to their doctor (vaccines are becoming available from doctors) Effectiveness   - note that vaccinated individuals avoid serious illness, hospitalization, and death Experience - mention your personal experience getting vaccinated (effects, procedure, timing) Listening - allow them to explain their reason for

Using a Lawyer for Annual Checkups

Avoid problems by periodically checking your legal health with the help of a lawyer. Areas to consider include contracts, consumer rights, estate planning, insurance coverage, retirement planning and wills. Annual legal legal checkups can avoid costly legal problems and resolve disputes without litigation. See below for links to articles, books, checklists, directories, and websites.   Articles Avoiding Legal Problems Finding a Lawyer Solving Family Feuds Keeping Your Side Gig Legal    Using a Lawyer for Your Business . Books ABA Guide to Consumer Law Checklists Business Law Consumer Law Directories Bar Associations Findlaw Justia Nolo Websites Consumer Law (ABA) Business Law (Justia)

Living Longer, Healthier, and Happier

Below are tips for living longer, healthier, and happier.  Get inspired by watching Taco Bell's 2013 Superbowl commercial titled  Viva Young .  Learn aging insight from  articles about eating healthy ,  keeping happy ,  staying young   and reconnecting with friends . See books about aging well and  keeping sharp . Al so see the  AARP and  WebMd  websites for articles about healthy aging. And consider taking Yale's Happiness Course at Coursera. Tips  Exericse - do 30 minutes of aerobic exercise at least 3 times a week Hydration - drink  125 ounces/day ( 91 ounces for women) Sleep - Get at least 7 hours of sleep every night Smoking - Stop smoking Sun - Reduce your time in the sun (and use sunscreen and protective clothing) Moisturizers - Moisture your with skin cream every day  Socializing - Stay connected with family and friends Strength - do strength training at least 3 times a week

Working Better with Music

Music can boost spirits and increase productivity. Get inspired by watching the  Whistle While You Work  scene from Snow White and reading a  historical perspective  published by the American Public Health Association. See below for listening tips and guides to listening while you work.  Tips Devices - use an Amazon Echo, Apple Home Pod, or Google Nest for hands-free control Fixed Tempo - select music with a fixed tempo and constant volume  Headset - use earbuds or headphones so you don't bother neighbors Lyrics - listen to background music without lyrics to avoid distraction Major Key - Use music in major keys since minor keys are depressing Nature - Consider streaming sound of birds or the ocean waves Tasks - play music when doing repetitive tasks to ease monotony  Articles Choosing Music   Listening Tips Smart Speakers Streaming Services

Getting Things Done

Organized people get things done with calendars, journals, and to do lists. These tools help users to prioritize and track status of personal and business matters. Follow the tips listed below to be effective and avoid stress. For more ideas, see the articles, apps, and books that follow the tips.  Tips Medium - determine whether paper or digital tools work better for you Prioritize - assign due dates to tasks and prioritize Review - review status weekly and reassess priorities Set a limit on the number of tasks scheduled per day Tech - Use a digital app for access on all of your devices Tools - keep tasks on a calendar, journal, or to do list Timing - schedule tasks as you think of them Articles Calendars Checklists Journaling Project Management To Do Lists Selecting a Tool Apps Calendars Checklists To Do Lists Journals Project Management Paper Products Calendar Journals Planners Books Getting Things Done Habits of Highly Effective People