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Sleeping Better

Getting 7 to 9 hours of nightly sleep helps us to avoid diabetes, hypertension, inflammation, and obesity, Eliminating interrupted sleep assured that your body’s ability to repair itself. Learn how to sleep better by reading Harvard Health Letter’s article about  steps for better sleep , WSJ's sleep strategies , and WebMD's Sleep Checklist . Review tips to prevent hybrid work from messing your sleep  and sleeping on long flights . Visit the Sleep Foundation  website for mire articles. See a doctor when sleep is disrupted by breathing difficulties.  Learn serenity tips by reading articles about  achieving work-life balance ,  overcoming anxiety ,  and  staying clam .  Try purchasing gadgets to help you sleep bette r and following these sleep strategies:   Apps  - use tracking apps to monitor sleep habits and reinforce good sleeping habits. Banking - don’t try to bank sleep; avoid a sleep deficit with at least 7 to 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep ever 24 hours. Breathing - at be

Organizing Files

Organizing your paper and computers files enables you to find them fast and management information. To manage your files, avoid saving unnecessary documents, follow a consistent method for naming them, and separate ongoing projects from completed worik. Avoid overfilling folders by creating subfolders. Scan  paper documents to go paperless or create digital backups. For more tips, read articles about the art of filing , computer files ,  office files , and personal files . For in-depth study, read books like Creating an Effective File System ,  Getting Things Done  and Organizing Files and Directories , and Taming the Paper Tiger . Visit the Smead Website for an archive of articles about organizing home and office files.