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Starting A New Job

When starting a new job, prepare a checklist of things to do the day before work starts. Remember to include items like dressing for success, getting sufficient sleep, setting an alarms, and bringing a drivers license (or passport) and social security card. Take time to review LinkedIn pages of employees to familiarize yourself with co-workers. Be prepared to answer questions from co-workers like personal interests and why you took the job. For more tips, read articles about starting a new job , introducing yourself,   joining a new firm , and  achieving success in the first 90 days . Also see books like the  Guide to Law Careers , the Legal Career Guide  and Guide to Long Careers .

Using a Personal Coach

Companies use a strategy known as Kaizen to make better products and increase market share. Individuals can adopt Kaizen to improve life skills and build careers. Ask an experienced professional to be your mentor or pay a career coach to help you improve. Learn more tips by reading articles about  life coaches , professional development , self-coaching , and training programs . Ask a senior member of your organization to be your mentor or use a Directory of Life Coaches to hire a coach.

Preventing Personal Disasters

Take action to avoid disasters at home, work, and on the road. Start  by undertaking a risk assessment. Next prepare a recovery plan. Learn how to prepare for disasters by reading  articles about creating a family emergency binder ,  planning for emergencies , and  preparing for disasters . For more detailed help, read books about Crisis Management ,  Communications After Disasters ,  and Disaster Preparedness .    

Getting More Done

Get more done in the New Year by creating a calendar system, decluttering your desk, stopping notifications and taking notes.  Get more tips by reading Karla Eckart's article about  How to Get Things Done  or David Allen’s book about  Getting Things Done . Also read Steven Covey’s  Seven Habits of Highly Effective People .