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Staying Covid Free

Getting the Covid vaccine reduces the risk of  hospitalization and death, but doesn’t eliminate the chance of getting a mild case. Covid  will remain a significant health risk until a  majority of the population is vaccinated later this year. Meantime,   stay safe  by avoiding non-essential travel, dining at home, exercising outdoors, shopping on-line,  and streaming entertainment . Continue working remotely and maintaining  personal hygiene by distancing,  hand washing, and masking. Improve indoor air quality at your home and office by ventilating with outdoor air and using UV air cleaners . Check the status of the vaccine rollout in your state and it’s impact on herd immunity .  Learn how to get vaccinated in your area by using AARP’s state-by-state directory . Read articles about  life after vaccination , Covid’s future as an endemic , and long-term health problems caused by Covid .   Consult resources at Covid websites maintained by the   CDC ,   Mayo Clinic ,  NIH ,  WebMD ,  an

Using QR Codes

Quick Response (QR) Codes have become popular as during the Covid Pandemic. They look like an ink splotch and  contain data that allow users to send a PDF or web page to their smartphones.  They easy to use since with smartphone cameras.  Place QR codes on brochures, business cards, and marketing media to promote your blog or website. Read articles to learn  basics,   benefits ,  marketing ,  popularity , and  uses  of QR Codes.. Also see Egoditor's   Comprehensive Guide to QR Codes  and use Egoditor's  QR Generator  to create a QR Code..