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Starting a New Job

New jobs present challenges and opportunities. Be prepared to adapt to new  apps, cultures, devices, policies, and procedures. Below are tips to help you succeed and resources for further study.   Tips Buddy - ask the firm to assign a co-worker to help with the firm's culture and technology. Mentor - recruit a senior member of the firm to be your mentor  List - prepare a checklist of tools and processes used at the new firm.  Networking - participate in group activties online and in person; learn and socialize. Orientation - ask about orientation materials so you can review before your first day of work.  Training - participate in firm training and consult resources created by providers of the firm's technology   Articles Adapting Technology at New Job Assuring Success As A New Lawyer Checklist for New Jobs Lawyer Training Programs Mentoring Lawyers Overcoming Performance Anxiety Types of Technology Training Trends Books Adapting to Technological Change Solo and Small Firm Leg

Boosting Immunity

Your immune system is key to wellness and longevity. Immune systems help ward off colds, flu, and viruses. Immune systems weaken with age. Boost your immunity by adopting the healthy lifestyles listed below.  See your health care provider if you experience warning signs of immune issues like chronic diarrhea, constant colds, continual fatigue, frequent infections, or slow healing wounds.  See the resources below for further study. Healthy Lifestyles Avoid Stress Don't smoke Eat a balanced diet Exercise 30 minutes/day several days each week  Get 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep every night Keep up with your vaccines Maintain a healthy weight Wash and sanitize hands throughout the day Resources Articles Approaches to Wellness Avoiding Infection Boosting Immune Systems CDC Guidelines for Boosters Choosing Healthy Foods Keeping Healthy Reformulation of Covid Booster Staying Isolated Understanding Your Immune System Warning Signs of Immunodeficiency Books Anti-Inflammatory Diets Boosting

Staying Organized at School

Staying organized can help students achieve goals, prioritize activities, and reduce stress. Organizational apps enhance efficiency, facilitate collaboration, and increase productivity.  They are accessible  24/7 at home, in the classroom, or on the road.   Install apps   on  computers, smartphones , and tablets .  Below is a list of apps that are available for free or an affordable fee. For additional help, see the articles, books, and websites listed beneath the apps. Also consider consulting your school's Technology Help Desk or Academic Support Department.  Apps Filing  - save documents with Apple iCloud, Google Docs, and Microsoft OneDrive Calendering  - record appointments with iCloud Calendar, Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook Collaborating  - chat with peers on projects with Apple Facetime, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams Dictating  - keep hands free with Apple Dictation, Dragon Anywhere, and Microsoft Dictate Note Taking  - access notes anywhere with Evernote, Apple Notes,

Going Back to Campus

Organize your return to campus by preparing a checklist of dorm room essentials and   school supplies . Shop at Amazon , the  Container Store or Bed Bath and Beyond to get ideas and supplies for organizing a dorm room. Read college success books and articles about organizing dorm space  and improving study habits .  Watch   movies about college life Pitch Perfect or Legally Blonde . Organize your studies with Apple Subjects . Read  tips for managing personal finance and  preparing for emergencies  with a FERPA waiver, healthcare proxy, living will, and power of attorney,