Staying Organized at School

Staying organized can help students achieve goals, prioritize activities, and reduce stress. Organizational apps enhance efficiency, facilitate collaboration, and increase productivity. They are accessible 24/7 at home, in the classroom, or on the road. Install apps on computers, smartphones, and tablets. Below is a list of apps that are available for free or an affordable fee. For additional help, see the articles, books, and websites listed beneath the apps. Also consider consulting your school's Technology Help Desk or Academic Support Department. 

Filing - save documents with Apple iCloud, Google Docs, and Microsoft OneDrive
Calendering - record appointments with iCloud Calendar, Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook
Collaborating - chat with peers on projects with Apple Facetime, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams
Dictating - keep hands free with Apple Dictation, Dragon Anywhere, and Microsoft Dictate
Note Taking - access notes anywhere with Evernote, Apple Notes, Google Keep, and Microsoft One Note
Paying - schedule payments with PayPal, Square, and Zelle
Researching - research with Google Search, Google Scholar, or Microsoft Bing
Scanning - Abby Fine Reader, Adobe Scan, Apple Notes, and Evernote Scannable
To Do Lists - Apple Reminders, Google Tasks, and Microsoft One Note
Whiteboards - Google Whiteboarding and Microsoft Whiteboard
Writing - Grammarly, Microsoft Editor, and Copyscape


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