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Disconnecting from Work

Below are strategies for disconnecting from work to avoid burnout and stay social. Disconnecting from work on a daily basis is more effective than waiting for the weekend or taking an occasional vacation. Disconnecting is difficult and requires commitment to tactics to overcome fear of missing out. For more tips, read articles about the importance of disconnecting ,  how to do it , preventing burnout , and tips for disconnecting .  Disconnect Strategies Boundary - create physical boundaries between work space if you work from home Games - take up a game like checkers, chess, or canasta for mental stimulation Lunch - take time for daily lunch and try to schedule with colleagues and walks Relax - take a daily walk after work to mentally disconnect and enjoy nature Schedule - set a daily start and end time for work and adopt rituals to enforce like exercise Unplug - Set a quitting time and turn off your devices to separate yourself from the world of work