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Hosting Webinars

Webinars can attract prospects and enhance your reputation. Create a  checklist  to plan your webinar and use  Zoom  tor host it.  Learn more by reading articles about  giving speeches  and  organizing seminars . 

Covid Proofing Your Office

Following are several steps to make offices safer during and after the Coronavirus situation:    Enhance surface cleaning by using UV lighting on ceilings.  Give pocket-sized devices to workers for contact tracing and alerting users if they come too close.   Improve air quality by increasing intake of outside air, upgrading furnace filters, and using UV lights in HVAC.  Reduce capacity in conference rooms.  Rotate office staffing (e.g. maximum of 50% staff in office at any one time).  Space cubicles further apart and install plexiglass dividers between them.  Use touchless entry/elevators.  Click here  for additional tips for designing offices. 

Writing A Marketing Plan

Planning can advance the careers of professional service providers like lawyers and accountants. The best plans set specific targets and measure progress towards achieving them.  Set aside sufficient time every year to insure that your plans succeed. Click here for a year-by-year plan for marketing legal services that was prepared by Larry Bodine, a marketing expert. Bodine's plan provide timetables for using tactics like networking, publishing, and public speaking.

Supplying Your Office

A legal supply checklist tracks supplies needed to work remotely or in your office.  The checklist can include paper supplies, online services, and marketing materials. Click here for a sample checklist and read articles about legal supplies , s tarting a law office ,  remote working ,  reopening offices , a nd   using checklists .

Marketing Checklists

Grow your firm by using a checklist of  marketing activities to attract new clients and gain new cases from existing ones. Checklists help to prioritize tasks and overcome procrastination.  Click here for an article with marketing checklist marketing. And   click here   for an article with tips and resources for creating checklists.

Reducing Monthly Fees

A growing number of providers are using subscription services to bill users on a monthly basis. Monthly fees are charged by companies like Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Spotify. Avoid fees for unneeded services by periodically reviewing your monthly credit card statement to target services to terminate.  Share subscriptions with family/friends when possible to reduce save money. Click here for an article more tips on how to manage monthly subscriptions.