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Being Social

Reconnecting with co-workers, family and friends can be accomplished with technology and meeting in-person. Following are some tips for getting social and articles and books for implementing them.  Tips 1. Talk with people 2. Join special interest groups 3. Take adult education classes 4. Seek volunteer opportunities 5. Join a social media group Articles Calling Family and Friends Creating Social Networks Finding a Love Life Improving Your Social Skills Maintaining Long Distance Friendships Making Friends Meeting People Online Messaging Friends Overcoming Loneliness Rebuilding Connections Reconnecting with Friends Strengthening Relationships Books Connecting with Family and Friends Making Conversation Winning Friends

Living Healthier

Below are quick tips for leading a longer, healthier, and happier life. For more tips, read articles about  alcohol guidelines , getting exercise ,  healthy aging ,  living longer ,  staying happy  and well-being at work .   For deeper study, read books about diet ,  fitness , health , nutrition , and stress .  Move More -  walk and exercise to lower risk of obesity, heart, and other health problems. Get Annual Checkups - see a doctor every year  to review health conditions and any new symptoms so they can be manage. Compress Mealtimes - compressing  mealtimes into a daily window of six to eight hours can boost the body’s ability to eliminate damaged cells, process proteins, and  lower inflammation levels. Eat a Plant Based Diet -  antioxidants from fruits and vegetables and fiber from whole grains can help lower inflammation levels and increase longevity.  Reduce Alcohol Consumption - Drink no more than two glasses of alcohol per week to avoid cancer and damage to organs like brain,

Correcting False Death Reports

Every year the Social Security Administration mistakenly includes thousands of people in its Master Death File, a database of dead persons.  The Administration processes death reports from funeral homes, individuals, and government agencies. Mistaken reports can cause emotional distress, damage credit, and harm reputation. Following is a checklist for avoiding mistaken death and remediating damage if it happens. Checklist Avoiding - stay visible (e.g., engage in social media, participate in bar activities, take part in social activities, and publish articles in print and online). Correcting - contact sources, request retraction, and alert contacts to the mistake.   Recovering - seek compensation for negligence and intentional harm for egregious situations. Trailblazing - create a niche practice of helping clients to correct death reports, recover damages, and repair credit. Detecting - check the Internet (e.g., death files, credit scores, obituaries, search engines, and state rec