Living Healthier

Below are quick tips for leading a longer, healthier, and happier life. For more tips, read articles about alcohol guidelines, getting exercisehealthy agingliving longerstaying happy and well-being at work. For deeper study, read books about dietfitness, health, nutrition, and stress

Move More - walk and exercise to lower risk of obesity, heart, and other health problems.

Get Annual Checkups - see a doctor every year to review health conditions and any new symptoms so they can be manage.

Compress Mealtimes - compressing  mealtimes into a daily window of six to eight hours can boost the body’s ability to eliminate damaged cells, process proteins, and  lower inflammation levels.

Eat a Plant Based Diet - antioxidants from fruits and vegetables and fiber from whole grains can help lower inflammation levels and increase longevity. 

Reduce Alcohol Consumption - Drink no more than two glasses of alcohol per week to avoid cancer and damage to organs like brain, heart and liver.

Think Positive Thoughts - set goals and adopt strategies to achieve them; keep a daily journal to record the good things that happen each day.  



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