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Monitoring Trends

The ABA recently published  9 articles summarizing the results of its 2019 Annual Survey of Law Firm Technology.  The articles cover trends in Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity, Firm Culture, Management, Marketing,  Technology, Training, and Well-Being. Read an article about post-pandemic trend s.  Click here for a page with links to the articles. And read about.

Improving Yourself

Companies like Nestle and Toyota have used an improvement strategy known as Kaizen to make better products and increase market share. Focus on improvement can also help individuals boost their careers and well-being. Click here for an article with strategies and tactics for self improvement.  

Digitally Transforming Your Practice

Technology is increasingly used by lawyers to automate legal tasks, improve client relations, and manage law practices. Affordable apps are available for for billing, calendaring, marketing, time keeping, and tracking. Inexpensive client portals can secure communications and sell services. Click here to learn about top technologies for lawyers and resources for implementing them at your firm.

Keeping a Journal

Ideas and events can be journalized in a notebook , planner , or on a digital device using Apps lik e Apple Journal , Evernotes, or Microsoft Journal .   Journaling can improve mindfulness, record events and set reminders. Notes can be j ournalized on a daily, weekly or occasional basis. Click here for a review of top journaling apps . And  click here for an article about the benefits of journals and strategies for keeping them.