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Giving Yourself a Makeover

Makeovers can help you and your firm improve your image and modernize your practice. Click here for an article with quick and easy steps  to improve your firm and your image.

Keeping Your Clients Happy

Happy clients pay bills timely, bring new cases, and refer prospects. See below for tips on keeping clients happy. Learn more by reading books about customer relationships  and customer service . TIPS FOR  1. Call clients regularly 2. Reply promptly to emails and voicemails 3. Alert clients to planning opportunities 4. Consider offering fixed fees (instead of hourly rates) 5. Send a monthly e-mail or newsletter with news and planning tips 6. Use client satisfaction surveys to identify areas for improvement 7. Set and maintain expectations for timing and results 8. Show appreciation and concern 9. Provide staff with training on customer satisfaction 10. Get to know your clients and keep notes in their profile

Making Life Easier for Your Heirs

Sharing important information with your spouse and heirs will help them honor your wishes when you're gone. Avoid family squabbles by explaining your estate plan to your family.  Click here  for an article about how to create an Organizer for your family.

Using Apps to Organized

Smartphone and tablet apps can help organize your work and your life. Many popular apps are free and are available for both Apple and Android devices. Click here  for an article about organizational apps like Calendy, Evernote, and ToDoIst.

Toolkit for Well-Being

Lawyers and other professionals are susceptible to stressors like demanding clients, excessive workloads, and uncontrollable schedules. To help lawyers avoid stress, the ABA has produced several publications and videos, including a   Toolkit for Lawyer Well-Being . The Toolkit explains several strategies like limiting caseloads, practicing mindfulness, and staying connected to family and friends. Protect your health and your practice by using the Toolkit and other resources for stress avoidance. Mention the Toolkit to colleagues to help them avoid stress.