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Organizing Your Files

Organizing your file systems can eliminate stress and speed workflows. Analyze existing systems for deficiencies and consider going paperless.  Adopt a records retention policy, improve filing techniques, and switch to space-saving file cabinets. Learn more by r eading articles about  filing , organizing , and paperless offices .  For in-depth study, read ABA books about going paperless  and   records retention . Also read CAP's book titled The Organized Lawyer  and WSBA's Document Retention Guide .

Using Whiteboards

Whiteboards are an inexpensive and reusable surface for creating checklists, keeping calendars, and writing notes. Use them at home and in your office to get organized and be more productive.   They are available in a variety of different sizes and styles. As such, you can utilize whiteboards almost anywhere, helping to increase your productivity in a number of settings. Read articles   about   benefits of whiteboards , digital whiteboards ,  and   tips for using whiteboards .

Organizing Clients

The Coronavirus situation has forced everyone to consider their mortality and prompted many to create or update estate plans. Take advantage of this trend by reminding clients about the need for organizing their personal information and important documents. The benefits Include appreciative clients and referrals.  For more information, read articles about estate planning for digital assets , helping clients get organized , and planning while you can .