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Tips for Emailing

Below are emailing tips from Tech Republic.   Click here to read the article which has additional details worth reading.  Address the email only when it is ready to send Attach any files before composing your note Tell the other person which email you used when sending Reply to a new person from the same address received it Let the other person know if you want them to use a different address  Send a test message the first time you correspond with someone Copy and paste the address instead of manually typing it Point recipient to "subject line messages"] Be careful about large attachments that slow downloading  Check and verify Web links you send

Organizing at Home

Below are several organizing ideas from article that appeared in  Good Housekeeping Magazine .  Click here  to read the article and get more ideas with photos. Prioritize the ideas so you can implement them in small steps, one at time.   ORGANIZING TIPS Create a command station on the side of refrigerators with monthly calendars or whiteboards Use a shelf riser Add a towel rack to linen closets Use drawer organizers Fold towels and shirts upright Use tiered shelving Use colored folders to organize files to make visible and save space Discard something old when you buy something new Hang pots and pans Use old trays and bowls to organize things Use clear canisters for storage Transform an entryway with hooks and shelves Use storage pockets on the back of car seats Put storage bins on the inside of cabinet doors for brushes, tools, etc. Add a cord-keeper to appliances Use a bracket to store yoga mats below a shelf Store pet food in a covered bin  Create storage space with overhead racks C