Persuading Family/Friends to Get Vaccinated

Although the majority of Americans have been vaccinated, many remain reluctant due to fear, politics, and procrastination.  Encourage unvaccinated family members and friends to get vaccinated. Otherwise, they risk serious illness, hospitalization and death. Use friendly persuasion and mention the talking points listed below. For more help, read articles about the benefits of getting vaccinated, changing mindsconvincing the unvaccinatedCovid FAQ's, messaging strategies, and talking to vaccine hesitant people, and understanding anti-vaxers, 

Talking Points
Danger - remind them that they are at risk of getting and spreading Covid
Doctor - suggest that they talk to their doctor (vaccines are becoming available from doctors)
Effectiveness - note that vaccinated individuals avoid serious illness, hospitalization, and death
Experience - mention your personal experience getting vaccinated (effects, procedure, timing)
Listening - allow them to explain their reason for avoiding vaccination
Models - use role models like popular entertainers and respected leaders 
Others - remind them they can protect others from break-through infection
Rewards - offer a gift to incentivize vaccination


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