Masking Strategies

Below are AARP's recommendations for masking by vaccinated and unvaccinated. For more information, read ARP's comprehensive article about living well during and after the Pandemic.  Also see NJ's Tips on Where to Buy Masks, WSJ’s FAQ’s About Masking, and AARP's Mask Rankings and Covid Portal Covid variants can elevate the risk of infection so be careful to protect yourself, your family, and your friends. ​​

When Vaccinated Should Mask
When gathering indoors with others who have tested positive or not been vaccinated 
When indoors with the general public.
When entering areas where mask mandates are in place
When you feel unsafe

When Unvaccinated Should Mask
When indoors in public (especially in hospitals and nursing homes)
When outdoors in crowds
When entering areas where mask mandates are in place​​.
When you feel unsafe


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