Avoiding Travel Problems

Despite continuing Covid-19 cases, travel retains its allure to relax, recharge, and reconnect. Although the Covid-19 situation has improved, health, safety, and travel issues can cause problems. Below are tips and resources to reduce risks while traveling.
Assessment. Consider destinations with lowest risk of travel disruptions.
Backup. Be prepared to adjust travel plans due to health issues, quarantines, and travel disruptions. Make backup reservations and purchase travel insurance. Allow extra time and money in your budget for travel problems.
Cruising. Delay cruises if you have underlying health conditions like cancer, cardiac issues, or pulmonary disease.
Destination. Use domestic travel by car to avoid air traffic delays and congestion. Visit less popular National Parks to stay away from crowds and reduce health risk.
Hygiene. Avoid destinations with outbreaks and focus on outdoor activities. Stay safer by getting boosters, keeping social distance, using sanitizers, wearing masks, and traveling with a thermometer.
International. Prior to booking flights and hotels, check warnings issued by the CDC and State Department. Avoid travel to countries at elevated risk for Covid-19.
Prices. Reserve early to assure availability and lower prices. Use using flexible rates that allow cancellation without penalty fee.
Testing. Check testing requirements for your destination and mode of travel. Take a Covid test prior to travel and after return to protect yourself and your loved ones.
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