Staying Organized At Work

Getting organized can you be more productive and assure that tasks are completed on time.  Below is a list of tips to keep you organized at work. For additional help, see the articles, books, suppliers listed beneath the tips. 

Accountability - regularly check your progress and determine areas to improve.
Calendar - use a calendar app or appointment book to record meeting and due dates
Calls - use voicemail to screen calls.
Delegate - assign tasks to others when your level of expertise is not required.
Distractions - limit distractions, disable notifications and de-clutter workspaces.
Mail - sort mail on a daily basis into categories and mark time sensitive ones.
Goals - set goals and balance priorities.
Lists - create to do lists of tasks needed to complete progress.
Whiteboard - use a white board to keep notes on daily activities.
Track - track progress by keeping a journal of daily accomplishments.



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