Adopting Useful Technologies

Following are emerging technologies to adopt in your daily life. Use these technologies to make life easier and better. For more information, read articles about COVID Inspired Technology, Digital Etiquette, Emerging Trends, Music Streaming, Payment Apps, and Technology Tips.

Technologies Worth Adopting
Assistants - use a digital assistant like Echo Show or Google Home instead of an alarm clock or radio
Banking - use banking apps for deposits, etc. instead of ATM’s
GPS - use map apps like Apple, Google, or Waze for navigation 
Links - Insert links into words instead of pasting lengthy URL's
QR - Scan QR codes on restaurant tables with smartphones instead of requesting a menu 
Transfers - Use transfer apps like Venmo and Zelle instead of cash
Video - watch  “How To” videos on YouTube instead of reading user manuals
Streaming - Use services like Amazon, Apple, and Spotify instead of radios


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