Dealing With Liars

Lying can occur in a variety of settings including business, family, legal, medical, political, and social. Lies range from white lies to bald faced untruths. Lies can be told by anyone including celebrities, clients, coworkers, family, friends, politicians, and sellers. Liars can cloud judgment, cause problems, and damage relationships. Remember that you cannot change a deceptive person. Maintain an attitude of healthy skepticism and independently verify truthfulness. Below are warning signs that someone is lying and a list of articles and books to help deal with them.  

Warning Signs That Someone is Lying
Answering - repeats questions before answering them
Body Language - plays with hair, gestures with hands, puts fingers on face
Eyes - looks away at a crucial moment
Eyes - excessive blinking
Response - vague response with few details
Perspiration - facial sweating
Volume - sudden increase in volume




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