Gadgets For Remote Workers

Below is a checklist of tools for organizing gadgets at home and on the road. For more organizing ideas, read articles about gadgets for home officesworking on the go, and tools for international travel. For further study, read books with tech tips and technology guides.

Gadgets for Remote Workers
Bag - store accessories (e.g. cables, chargers, and adapters)
Batteries - backup power for smartphones and tablets
Cable Block - detangle wires 
Carrying Case - transport iPads and other tablets
Charger - wirelessly charge smartphones and digital devices
Digital Assistant - set alarms, listen to music, ask questions, etc.
Dock -  organize wires for laptops and accessories
Drive - backup documents with a portable hard drive
Flash - transfer documents and photos to other devices
Headphones - silence outside noises
Speakers - improve conference calls
Trackers - find lost keys, wallets, etc.


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