Protecting Yourself from Covid

Covid is expected to continue to have surges and plateaus. Below are tips to prepare for future surges and resources for implementing them. 

Preparing for Covid Surges

Ask your doctor about how frequently to take a booster vaccine to prevent Covid

Be Safe
Implement protective measures like avoiding groups, limiting travel, practicing hand hygiene, and wearing masks. Take extra precautions if you live or care for someone who is elderly, sick, or immunocompromised. 

Buy Supplies
Prepare for surges by stocking your home and office with masks, at-home test kits, tissues, and cleaning supplies. Purchase decongestants, ibuprofen and other remedies to treat Covid symptoms.

Keep Current
Read daily news reports to stay current on COVID counts and be alert to surges 

Get Tested
Gest tested immediately if you have symptoms. Treatment must be started within days after sysmptoms first develop.  

Seek Treatment
Talk to your doctor right away if you test positive to find out if treatment is right for you.  Paxlovid for acute infection may decrease the progression to long Covid

Stay Protected
Get vaccinated and mark your calendar with reminders to get periodic boosters.

Take Medication
If you are exposed to others with Covid, promptly ask your health care provider about when and whether to take antibody treatments therapies like Paxlovid.


Avoiding Breakthrough




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