Planning Trips

Travel planning can optimize experiences, reduce costs, and save time. Below are some tips and resources to help plan your next trip.

Advisor - Consider using a travel agent or tour company, especially when traveling to unfamiliar places. The added cost is modest compared to the benefit of expert advice.

Budget - Set aside funds to cover airfare, entertainment, lodging, and meals. Use travel books for ideas that cut expenses. Check the American Bar Association and local bar associations for travel discount programs.

Calendar - Put travel dates on your calendar to avoid conflicts and start the planning process. Make clients and staff aware of your travel dates so they can adjust their expectations.
Checklists - Use checklists to help pack, plan, and prioritize. Consider creating a bucket list of destinations to visit during your lifetime. Prepare a daily itinerary of places to go and things to do.

Communications - Use email, phone, and texting to stay in touch with family and office. Confirm availability of Wi-Fi and cellular service at your destination. Make accommodations for days when communications will be difficult or unavailable.

Destination - Consider companions, cost, distance, season, timing, and weather when selecting a destination. Limit distance for weekend getaways to avoid collateral damage from delays and traffic.

Group - Consider group travel to avoid logistic issues and gain the benefit of knowledgeable tour guides and making new friends.

Safety - Avoid travel to areas with high crime rates or unusual health risks. Check with travel specialists to get immunizations needed for your destinations.
Insurance - Make cancellable reservations or get "cancel for any reason" coverage since other insurance may be limited to designated health problems for the traveler and immediate family members.

Reservations - Book airfare, cars, excursions, and lodging in advance to assure availability and lowest cost. Airlines usually open bookings 11 months in advance of the date of travel. Hotel chains sometimes delay taking reservations until rates are set at the beginning of the travel year.








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