Showing Gratitude

Giving thanks generates a sense of positivity that boosts happiness and well-being. Grateful people tend to have better interpersonal relations, increased energy, and reduced stress. Now is a good time to start showing thanks for the good things in your life. Following are tips for making gratitude a habit and resources to help implement them.

Alternatives - show thanks with acts of kindness, cards, donations, emails, in-person communications, and handwritten notes.
Audiences - focus on clients, co-workers, family, service providers, and vendors.
Journaling - keep a journal to record positive happenings, and express thankfulness.
Environment - be alert to opportunities for giving thanks at church, home, offices, restaurants, and stores.
Reasons - accentuate the positive and consider all things big and small in your daily life.
Recognition - reward others for their assistance, contribution, and service.
Volunteering - give thanks by giving back to the community and the profession.

Center for the Advancement of Well-Being (GMU)
Mindful (Mindful Communications)


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