Being Resilient

Every day brings challenges to careers, family, finances, and health. Build your resilience to withstand the bad things and appreciate the good. Below are strategies for building resilience in your daily life.  For  more tips, read articles about being mindfulcultivating resilience, inspiring examples, and overcoming obstacles.  Also consult the resilience resources at websites maintained by Everyday HealthHarvard, NRRC, and WebMD.

Resilience Strategies

Understand Yourself  
Adopt strategies for responding to it. Build on your skills, strengths, and talents. 

Control Yourself 
Use stress-reduction techniques like concentrated breathing, focused mindfulness, and closing eyes to focus. 

Cope with Adversity
Use coping strategies like journaling, reframing thoughts, exercising, spending time outdoors, socializing, improving sleep hygiene, and tapping into creative outlets.

Be Happy  
People who are more optimistic tend to feel more in control of their outcomes. To build optimism, focus on what you can do when faced with a challenge, and identify positive, problem-solving steps that you can take.

Stay Social
Build on your existing friendships and develop new ones. Use in-person meetings in addition to social media. 


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