Living Longer

Aging can impact financial security, mental well-being, and physical health. The adverse effects of aging can be overcome with advance planning and behavioral changes. Healthy lifestyles reduce the risk of chronic diseases and slow the aging process. Use the following tips to help lead a long, happy, and useful life. Following the tips are links to articles, books, and websites with additional information for overcoming the challenges of aging.  


Appearance look ageless by limiting sun exposure, coloring grey hair, moisturizing skin, and updating wardrobes.

Attitude - maintain a positive attitude by focusing on creativity, friendships, and good things in life.

Financing – secure futures by buying an annuity and delaying the start of Social Security benefits.

Healthcare – avoid problems by calendaring health checkups, dental exams, and immunizations.

Insuring – mitigate risk by purchasing long-term care insurance and supplemental health insurance.

Lifestyle – adopt a healthy lifestyle with daily exercise, good sleep habits, a Mediterranean diet, and moderate drinking.

Socializing – stay social by taking classes, visiting friends, and taking group tours.


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