Choosing a Retirement Community

About 40% of American retirees downsize or move after retirement. Some retirees opt to relocate to a new community and others decide to age in place. Below are things to consider when choosing a home for retirement and resources to help make the best choice.

Alternatives – consider changing lifestyle, downsizing to a condominium, or living with family.
Benefits - moving provides opportunities for improving health, lifestyle, and happiness.
Communities - choices include active adult, assisted living, life plan (also known as continuing care retirement), and lifestyle communities (e.g., beach and golf communities).
Cost - consider financial and psychological expenses of moving; rent before buying to reduce risks.
Dwelling - varieties include apartments, cabins, condominiums, garden homes, mobile homes, and townhomes.
Family - explore alternatives with family members to achieve consensus.  
Health - plan for the go-go years, the slow-go years, and the no-go years.
Purpose - rank selection factors for things most important to you.

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